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Boston Bed and Breakfast Service

A Boston Bed and Breakfast reservations service, Greater Boston Hospitality is an independent professional agency established in the well-known European tradition. We match visitors to the Greater Boston area with hosts of carefully inspected private homes, Inns and condominiums. Bed and Breakfast, long a venerable tradition in Europe but new to the United States, provides guests with a private room, a shared or private bathroom and breakfast. Our genial hosts, usually native Bostonians, are willing to share their residence, their knowledge, their hospitality and breakfast while you are here.

Our Boston Bed and Breakfast accommodations have all been personally inspected for comfort, cleanliness, safety and hospitality. They include a superb variety to suit every taste. We have beautiful private homes, apartments, private city clubs, small inns, and condominiums, located in Boston and all surrounding areas. Many offer kitchen privileges, laundry facilities, a piano and parking. Most are on the public transportation system. Breakfast is always included. Our hosts cover a broad range of professions; and many of them happily exceed our hospitality requirements which help make our guests' stay so much more interesting than a hotel visit.

Our Guests are here for a variety of reasons: tourism, special occasions, college reunions, business conferences, and relocation. Many are from foreign countries as well as the United States. We try to match our guests' interests with those of our hosts. Our guests and hosts have frequently made life-long relationships.

Our Prices are usually less than an average hotel or motel in the Boston area. Generally, Boston bed and breakfast rates range from $60 to $160. Luxury accommodations are available at additional cost.

Our Relocation Service is for individuals or families who need housing during relocation period. We have available fully furnished apartments, homes, and suites which are appropriate for stays of several weeks or months.

Boston Bed and Breakfast Service, Greater Boston Hospitality
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